What we offer

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine ist he Royal-discipline in Medicine. Internal examinations and treatments take center stage in our practice.

We do:


  • Medical examinations and treatments
  • Electrocardiography, including 24 hours electrocardiography
  • 24 hours blood presssure
  • Radilogy examinations
  • Laboratory examinations
  • Check Up
  • Ultrasound

Traumatology and Surgery

We do examinations with accident victimes and we do small surgical procedures.

We also do:


  • Small sutures
  • Excisions
  • Preoperative consultation
  • Postoperative care


We care for the big sorrows of the little patientes. We care for children. We are a real Family Practice.

We do:


  • Check ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Treatment of all acute diseases and sicknesses
  • If necessary, we work together wih a local specialist


Normal gycecological examinations can be done in our practicce. With special problemes we work together with a local gynecologist.

  • Gynecological examinations
  • Prenatal care together with alocal gynecologist
  • Annual gynecological screening for cancer


We care for urological problems of men.

  • Uroandrological check up
  • Ultrasolic examination of prostate gland and kidney, and measuring of urine formation
  • If necessary, we do refer to an urologist for operation

Emergency Medicine

In an emergency we try to help immediately.

We offer:


  • First Aid with accidents and
  • Medical emergencies

Special medical examinations

  • Examinations for Insurance companies
  • Examination oft he physical an mental fitness to drive


We have our own X ray and Ultrasound. 

  • Radiological examinations of Thorax, limbs, pelvis, spine
  • Sonagraphy of abdomen

Sports Medicine

Sport ist not a privilege of young athletes. It is a pleasure for everybody. Sport is also used as medical treatment. Endurance training against depression. Power training for prevention of osteoporosis. Climbing as mindfulness practisce with psychological suffering.

We do:


  • Sports medical examinations
  • Controle of electrogardiography, poulse
  • Counselling of mountaineers and other sports
  • High altitude medicine
  • Diving medicine


We carry out all in Switzerland recommended vaccinations.

  • Vaccinations against human influenza
  • FSME vaccination
  • All vaccinations with adults and children according to the Swiss vaccination plan


It ist he oldest therapy of the world and it hasn’t lost any of it’s charm. The old Chineses expected of accupunture a long, heralthy and fertile life. The „Oetzi“ expected ease of his abdominal pain. And today, when „Vioxx“ attacks the heart and „Diclofenac“ the stomach, we expect an efficient therapy without sideeffects.

In our practice we do acupuncture oft he body according tcm and acupuncture of the ear according Nogier.

Acupuncture will be specially used with:


  • Body pain
  • Migraine headache
  • Functional complaints
  • Sleep disorders
  • Addiction
  • Mental diseases
  • Tinnitus

Neural Therapy

With Procain we give impulses to the vegetative nerve system. The natural balance in the body will be restored. Neural therapy can be helpful with many complaints and diseases.

So with:


  • Pain of joints, of the body
  • Backpain
  • Migraine headache
  • Pains after accidents and operations
  • Functional complaints
  • Abdominal complaints
  • Gynecological complaints

Low Level Laser Therapy

Acupuncture can be done painless with a soft laser.

Travel Medicine

The best is to travel with the train and the bicycle. But if you are looking fort he big five in Africa, don’t forget the wild six, the anopheles mosquite.

We will tell you how you can prevent Malaria and other diseases.

Offer for Tourists

We also care for the complaints of tourists. Dates can be arranged short term.

Home Visit

If you are old and lonely, it’sometimes difficult to leave your house. Andi f you are sick… Then we will visite you at your home.

Multimodal Treatment Approch

Former physicians were lone fighters. Today we treat multimodal. If necessary we work together with other physicians and therapists.

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